Call the Midwife, or Not?

Are you worried about your pregnancy?
Are you worried about your pregnancy?

Have you ever had an unusual sensation in pregnancy and wondered if you should call the midwife, or just ignore it?

Some people worry about putting the midwife out.  Some think they are just being silly by worrying too much, so carry on with their day.  Some people are on the phone to the midwife at the first sign of anything unusual.  Which rings true with you?

Perhaps all you need is some guidance on when to call so you can have peace of mind.

Tommy’s Charity have published the official guidelines for all mums to help them make an informed decision about events to be concerned about.  The guidelines cover all specific issues any mum may experience, but most notably, the final one mentioned is “I just think something is wrong”…

So often, women don’t openly talk about this concern, usually because they doubt their own instincts or think others will think they are being over-sensitive.  In all my years working with pregnant women, in most cases with women suffering  with this concern have had their minds put at rest following routine investigations at the surgery or hospital.  In a few cases, they have been right, and lucky enough to have been able to raise the flag before things became complicated.

You might think that all those other women who were given the all clear wasted the time of the medical professionals, but lets get this into perspective!  No medical professional would want you to sit at home ignoring your gut instinct.  They would most definitely prefer that you contacted them so they can check you over and ensure everything is progressing as expected.  If they can send you home with the all clear, that is a good day at the office for them!  By the same token, if they find something wrong, then they can act quickly and ensure you are given the best care necessary, which again is another good result for them as professionals.

A mother’s instinct is a crucial element of the pregnancy journey, and well into parenting, so trust yourself, trust your instincts and don’t delay when you have THAT feeling.

For a full list of symptoms you should get checked out view the list on Tommy’s website


About the blogger:

Marie Behenna is the author of The FitMama Method, published by Souvenir Press 2012 and creator of the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation

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Marie teaches exercise and nutrition to pregnant and post partum mothers in North Hampshire, United Kingdom.


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