Hypopressives for a Smaller Tummy?

I have to share with you some results from the tests I’ve been running with my clients who visit me for abdominal and pelvic training, mainly after childbirth or post menopause time.

I use a combination of hypopressives, pelvic stabilization and specific nutrition methods to help women repair pelvic/core weakness and protruding tummies.

Usually I will track the progress by taking weekly measurements around the smallest part of the waist and over the navel, as well as electronically measuring visceral fat (around the abdominal and vital organs).

Recently, during some of these sessions, I have been measuring with a tape at the start of the session AND the end of the session, either side of a 20 minute abdominal exercise program. I decided to do this because I could see a distinct change in size of the clients abdominal circumference during the sessions.

To my great surprise, I was not imagining it! I saw an average reduction of 3cm to 3.5 cm for each woman I measured. An indication this type of training really does aid reduction of pressure within the abdominal structure.

It is evidence that we can help to reduce bloating on a daily basis simply by remembering to practice our hypopressives and pelvic stabilization everyday, even if you just have time for only five minutes!

If you have attended any of my hypopressive courses and forgotten the cues for the practice, you can follow this link for a little video reminder on You Tube.


About the blogger:

Marie Behenna is the author of The FitMama Method, published by Souvenir Press 2012 and creator of the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation

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Marie teaches exercise and nutrition to pregnant and post partum mothers in North Hampshire, United Kingdom. www.fitmamastudio.com

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