Celebrating Susannah’s Fitness at 39 weeks!

In my work teaching pregnancy exercise, occasionally I get the opportunity to train women right the way through until they deliver.  When I say train, I don’t mean yoga and pilates style exercise, I mean full on with kettlebells and bulgarian bags.  Shocking to some who believe the myth that when pregnant, women should only do yoga and eat cake…

Let me introduce you to Susannah, who completed her final personal training session with me today at 39 weeks pregnant ready to take a break to prepare for the birth of her second baby.

Susannah first started her journey with me over 6 years ago with her first pregnancy, participating in my gentle pregnancy exercise classes, then recovered with my postnatal sessions.  About three years ago, she felt the need to really address her fitness and we began a more intense fitness journey with kettlebells and bulgarian bag training.

After she fell pregnant 39 weeks ago, we continued to train as normal, although I closely monitored her to ensure she was not overheating or becoming breathless.  I expected to have to adapt the equipment and exercise, but Susannah was coping so well, we only needed to reduce her weights slightly.  Keeping strong throughout really stabilised her pelvis and her growing bump did not cause any pain.

In fact she was so fit and strong that her pregnancy has been almost completely pain free.  Susannah says she has enjoyed the increased levels of energy she felt in comparison to her first pregnancy.  She has loved feeling so fit and being able to carry on.  She continued to train in our PT sessions, and even participated in HiiT classes right up until two days ago! Watch Susannah training on You Tube:

I am so proud of her determination and positive approach to keeping fit.  I can’t wait to work with her again for postpartum rehabilitation.  We will be embarking on my specific healing program to prepare her to return safely to her usual training practice.

Exercise in pregnancy is proven to be safe and healthy for both mum and baby, unless the mum is suffering with specific contraindications to exercise.  If a woman enters pregnancy already fit, it is perfectly safe to continue any non-contact sport or fitness regime, particularly under the guidance of a qualified maternity fitness professional.Royal College of Obstetritians and Gynaecologists pregnancy exercise guidelines visual:


Contraindications of exercise in pregnancy via American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:



About the blogger:

Marie Behenna is the author of The FitMama Method, published by Souvenir Press 2012 and creator of the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation

Marie teaches exercise and nutrition to pregnant and post partum mothers in North Hampshire, United Kingdom. www.fitmamastudio.com

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