Diastasis Diet

Diastasis recti is commonly defined as a gap of roughly 2.7 cm or greater between thediastasisafterpregnancy two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle and may often go undiagnosed in some women.   According to NHS guidelines, this gap should go back to normal by 8 weeks after birth.
In my experience presenting rehabilitation courses for postnatal women , this is rare, unless the mother has followed a specific rehabilitation plan from very early on.  I also feel that any size gap can be a problem if it is not addressed, so even if yours is less than 2.7cm, you should still consider repair work. No two women are the same when it comes to their abdominal separation.
Diastasis issues can cause postural problems as the gap allows the abdominal contents to press forward and create pressure in the pelvic floor.   This can lead to long term back pain and other pelvic girdle and referred joint problems.
In the early years, I focussed on traditional pilates exercises, which did an okay job, but didn’t always solve the problem for many women.  As my knowledge and confidence grew and I began experimenting with other methods of exercise, I started to see much more success among my participants.
Frustratingly, there were always a few who just weren’t responding to the exercise.  So I continued to play around with a few ideas which incorporated some nutritional theories.  Eventually, those few began to show some impressive change.
After many more experimental journeys with some more mums, finally the complete Diastasis Diet was born:  a combination of specific nutrition and rehabilitative exercise over the course of 10 week modules, with one to one coaching and homework to do each day.
​​My client, Mrs S, has kindly allowed me to share her progress pictures with you.diastasis-soumya
We are only 7 sessions into this rehabilitation journey for diastasis recti repair, and look at the incredible results this mum has had.
She came to me with a 5-6cm gap and it is currently measuring 2-3cm. Amazing what can happen when you follow my plan to the last detail!
As well as the gap, she also had stubborn mummy tummy adipose tissue to get rid of, which she had struggled with for years.
The bloating has gone, the gap is reducing, her energy levels and pain are vastly improved.  Watch this space for her final results!

About the blogger:

Marie Behenna is the author of The FitMama Method, published by Souvenir Press 2012 and creator of the ChillMAMA Pregnancy Meditation

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Marie teaches exercise and nutrition to pregnant and post partum mothers in North Hampshire, United Kingdom. www.fitmamastudio.com

Picture: diaryofafitmommy.com

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